Monday, November 5, 2012

Patrick Wilson

There is still plenty of time for Patrick Wilson to become a household name, but the fact that he isn't one yet leads me to believe that he will forever be known as one of those artist that we can't believe isn't more famous.

This talented actor first caught my eye when I saw him on Broadway in the musical version of The Full Monty along side another Not Very Famous actor, Kathleen Freeman. I thought then that this guy had star potential and was pleased when he started showing up in everything from The Alamo  to The Phantom of the Opera.

With a career that has gone from Broadway to movies to the star of the short lived television series, A Gifted Man, it looks like Patrick Wilson is just too busy having a career to become famous. And what a career he is having.

Check out his work in Angels in America, Hard Candy and  Little Children and see for yourself why Patrick Wilson is my pick of the day for Not Very Famous...but should be.

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