Saturday, February 6, 2016

Donald Glover

When I was a kid growing up in the 1960's, I saw a performance of an unknown actor at the time in some old western television show - I think it might have been Gunsmoke, and was so impressed that I said to myself that this actor would someday be famous. That actor turned out to be Bruce Dern, and while some may argue how famous he actually became, he does have two Oscar nominations on his resume.

That same feeling came over me years later when I saw a young unknown actor on the soap opera, The Guiding Light. Within a few years, that actor became more famous than Bruce Dern. His name - Kevin Bacon.

Now, some thirty years later I have that feeling again. The actor is Donald Glover and if you've seen the Oscar nominated film, The Martian, then you know what I'm talking about. Nothing against Matt Damon. His performance in that film is wonderful, but the small but important role of the astro-space whiz kid, Rich Purnell, played by Donald Glover, was the one character I kept wanting to see more of. And when the movie was all over, it was Glover's performance that was most on my mind.

Just scroll down the list of talented actors profiled on this blog and you can't help but wonder why many of them are not more well known. My fingers are crossed that Donald Glover's career path doesn't take the rough and often painful journey to obscurity that many before him have. For now, he's Not Very Famous, but my crystal ball says that status will soon change. Time will tell. In the meantime - fingers crossed.

Since this post was written, Donald Glover and his show, Atlanta have started to get a lot of press. Fame may very well be around the corner for this talented young man.


  1. I liked him on Community, as Troy Barnes. He's got quite an impressive resume already.

  2. He is doing stand-up and movies. He's very well known. I don't know why he's on this list