Thursday, June 23, 2016

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood has made her mark in both television and motion pictures and even though she has been nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe, it's a safe bet that the mainstream public is not familiar with her work.

This tends to be the case when an actor is really good. The average movie goer can't seem to wrap their head around the fact that someone who isn't a movie star can actually act rings around someone that is. The Hollywood factory caters to this myth every Oscar season when they will often nominate a good performance from a movie star over a lesser known actor whose film or career have not had the traditional Hollywood hype.

In the end, when the great acting God's have reviewed the finished projects of the working actors of this Earth, it will be Evan Rachel Wood that will have the last laugh. First for her television work in Once and Again and for the HBO mini series, Mildred Pierce, and then for her wonderful film work which includes great performances in Thirteen, The Wrestler, Running with Scissors and Across the Universe.

There's more to Evan Rachel Wood, though, then just these projects listed. Seek out her other projects as well and see for yourself the talent and dedication to her art that she consistently delivers. Then scratch your head along with everyone else familiar with her as to why she is not more well known.

Since the writing of this, Evan Rachel Wood has added the popular Westworld television show to her many impressive credits, which may contribute to her eventually leaving the ranks of the Not Very Famous.

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