Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glynnis O'Connor

Glynnis O'Connor was first noticed by the public masses in 1976 when she starred opposite the teen heart throb of the time, Robby Benson, in the low budget film adaptation of the popular song Ode to Billie Joe. That was quickly followed by playing opposite John Travolta in the television movie, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble and then back with Robby Benson again in the television adaptation of the play Our Town.

In the late 1970's she was a familiar face in the then popular made-for-television movies. Once the networks stopped churning out the weekly dramas, Glynnis O'Connor seemed to fade away. Actually, she never quit working, but without the networks promoting her work, her name quietly faded from the spotlight.

Unless you're a baby boomer, you might not be familiar with Glynnis O'Connor, but she's a good actress whose work deserves a second look. My personal favorite of hers is a little seen gem from 1980 called Those Lips, Those Eyes with Frank Langella about summer stock theatre in the 1950's.

Glynnis O'Connor is still working as an actress, although she isn't as high profile as she once was, she's still a solid presence to any project she's a part of.


  1. Thank for featuring Glynnis. I am a baby boomer, and she has always been one of my favorite actresses. The series she starred in, Sons and Daughters, is a part of my youth. How I would like to see it again... I also liked her in the production of Our Town with Robby Benson and Hal Holbrook.

  2. Glynnis is a solid actress able to play a myriad of different characters. it was great to see her with a recurring role on Law and Order. I wish she was in more dramas to showcase her talent.