Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Barbara Crampton

Most of Barbara Crampton's work has been in soap operas and horror films, which is probably why the mainstream world hasn't jumped on her bandwagon. Not that she doesn't have fans. The low-budget horror genre has been very kind to her. The reason. She's good.

Now if the rest of Hollywood would just take notice, many of these big-budget fiasco's that they love to churn out would be much better off.

What makes Barbara Crampton's work stand out is not only her talent, but also her lack of inhibition as she appears to have no qualms about diving into a role using everything she's got, no matter how lame or quirky the script may be. She is as dedicated to the material as they come and brings an energy an life to her roles that is rarely matched by some Hollywood superstar.

Fans of the soap opera The Young and the Restless may remember her fun portrayal of Leanna Love and followers of low budget horror films, especially the films of Stuart Gordon, may remember her from The Re-Animator, From Beyond or Castle Freak. Check out the work of Barbara Crampton and you will remember her as well.

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