Monday, March 12, 2012

Brad Davis

Brad Davis had his fifteen minutes of fame in 1979 with his powerful performance in Midnight Express. Based on that movie alone, he should have been a super star and just might have been had his use of drugs and alcohol not triggered his downfall.

His wild reputation within the industry hurt his chances at good roles which forced him to spend a good portion of his career doing low budget made-for-television movies which were often beneath his talents.

By the time he became clean and sober, he was HIV positive which he kept hidden to keep working in the 1980's AIDS unfriendly Hollywood. His wife, Susan Bluestein wrote a wonderful book that goes into the full details of his struggles and triumphs in After Midnight: The Life and Death of Brad Davis, which is an eye opening look at a promising talent gone astray.

The story of Brad Davis is a tragic one. His work in Midnight Express is brilliant and should have set him up for a life filled with Oscar nominations and accolades. And had he overcome his demons earlier in his career, he most likely would not be featured today as Not Very Famous...but should be.

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  1. Very talented actor but very screwed up. Supposedly molested by his own mother, later to become a drug abusing bisexual alcoholic. His daughter Alexandra is a transsexual singer /songwriter with a chip on his shoulder. Strange world.