Wednesday, August 22, 2012

William Windom

Baby boomers are most likely familiar with either the name or the face of William Windom, but unfortunately he has gone unnoticed by the other generations. This is a crime, for he was one of the best actors in the business from any era. And his work backs up that statement.

Although primarily a television actor, he got his start in one of the most famous dramas of the Twentieth Century - To Kill A Mockingbird, where he played Mr. Gilmer, the prosecutor of Tom Robinson.

It was in television, though, where William Windom really made his mark, winning an Emmy for the critically acclaimed, but low-rated comedy, My World and Welcome To It. He also had many memorable guest starring roles on popular shows like Star Trek, Gunsmoke, Love American Style and Rod Serling's Night Gallery, where his performance in the episode, They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar  is about as close to perfection that an actor can get.

Had the brunt of William Windom's career been in movies instead of television, he more than likely would have given some Oscar worthy performances. As it stands, though, his work has proven that he was Oscar caliber in any medium.

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