Wednesday, October 10, 2012

John Beck

Like so many actors before him, John Beck was first seen on television guest starring in many top programs of the time like Bonanza and Mission Impossible. Then in the early 1970's after supporting roles in Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, Woody Allen's, Sleeper and the futuristic thriller, Rollerball, he appeared to be on his way to movie stardom.

And the movie that was supposed to make him a star was The Other Side of Midnight. Unfortunately for John Beck, there was this other film called Star Wars  that came out around the same time and stole all of the focus.

It was then back to television for John Beck where he continued guest starring on television shows and eventually landed the lead role in the forgettable prime time soap opera, Flamingo Road. It was another prime time soap opera a few years later called Dallas  that would give him his most exposure. Unfortunately his character, Mark Graison, was killed off and he never became the household name that many thought he would be.

His career is a typical one in Hollywood. He, like so many other good actors had the looks and the talent to become a major star and for one reason or another they were never able to stay on the A list for very long, which makes John Beck the pick of the day for Not Very Famous...but should be.


  1. Another great call! He had the talent to be a great Hollywood leading man, and he was sure good looking, but I wonder if his look wasn't unusual enough to get him noticed more? I'm always harping on that string - how roles are cast by looks first and talent later. Nice pick!


  2. liked him in pat garrett and billy the kid. the problem on DALLAS was that bobby decided to take a shower and pam's entire year was a dream, including mark.