Saturday, June 25, 2016

Delroy Lindo

Every major star has at least one dud on their resume. Even without having seen every flop from every box office sensation, it's probably a safe assumption to say that Delroy Lindo did not appear in any of those box office or critical bombs that can sometimes drop an A list actor right down the alphabet.

The reason for this is simple. The casting of Delroy Lindo can often hide the fact that a script or the direction of that script is not that good. The mere presence of this gifted actor not only elevates a scene, but also the actors and film he shares the screen with. Not that he has appeared in a lot of bad films because he really hasn't, he just makes the fair ones better the good ones great.

Like many of the best artists,  Delroy Lindo learned his craft in the theatre, even earning himself a Tony nomination in 1988 for Joe Turner's Come and Gone. However, it wasn't Hollywood that followed with sizable job offers - it was Spike Lee who cast him in major roles in three of the director's many critical successes, Malcom X, Crooklyn and Clockers.

To see Delroy Lindo at his absolute best, one should check out the three Spike Lee movies already mentioned as well as Get Shorty and the TV drama on Satchel Paige, Soul of the Game to truly appreciate the beauty and power that this Not Very Famous actor brings to the big and small screens with everything he does. The entertainment world is so much richer for his many contributions.

Thank you, Mr. Lindo.


  1. He steals the movie Romeo is Bleeding. He is the only criminal character you root for.

    1. haha I thought you meant Romeo Must Die because he also is playing there.