Monday, February 20, 2012

Howard Morris

Howard Morris is best known as the mountain man Ernest T. Bass on the Andy Griffith Show, but that role didn't touch the surface of the versatility and comic talent that he had.

If given the chance to view some of the episodes of Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, you will discover that Howard Morris was as funny, if not funnier than any modern day performer. And if you ever have the privilege to view the sketch, This is Your Story, from Your Show of Shows, you will see a man who upstages Sid Caesar and Carl Reiner at every turn.

Though mainly a television actor, Howard Morris did turn in a wonderful performance in the 1998 film version of the Ray Bradbury story The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit. In his later years, he voiced a lot of cartoons and was the original voice of the Hamburglar on the famous McDonald's commercials of the 1970's.

Howard Morris is forgotten by many today, but if you ever are able to watch old episodes of Your Show of Shows, he will stay in your memory forever.

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