Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Antonio Fargas

Mainstream audiences may remember Antonio Fargas as the street smart informant, Huggy Bear from the 1970's television show Starsky and Hutch, but it's his roles in some of the most famous pop culture movies of the 1970's where his work is most prominent.

From Putney Swope to Next Stop Greenwich Village and from Foxy Brown to Car Wash, Antonio Fargas was a talent that was hard to miss. Most people didn't know his name, but his face was everywhere in the smaller budget films of that era. And his performances were always memorable.

Unlike a lot of the black actors from the 1970's, Antonio Fargas has remained active in movies and television, even though his recent roles have not brought him the exposure he once had.

He's still working, and because of that, I keep waiting for his big breakout movie or television performance. His past work has proven that he has the talent to be more well known, but history has shown that it probably will never happen. We can always hope, though.

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