Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don Stroud

If you went to movies or watched television in the 1970's and '80's, then there is a good chance you've seen Don Stroud. Often cast as the heavy, he built quite a resume playing tough guys opposite Clint Eastwood, Jim Brown and other action stars of that era.

He had that rare ability to be both charming and scary, making his characters unpredictable, which added additional tension to any movie or television show he happened to be a part of.

He is probably best known as Captain Pat Chambers on The New Mike Hammer series from the 1980's, but that role never came close in showcasing the raw talent he displayed in some of his earlier efforts like Coogan's Bluff, Death Weekend, tick...tick...tick, The Buddy Holly Story and Bloody Mama, where along with a then unknown Robert DeNiro, they played the crazy sons of gangster Ma Barker, played by Shelley Winters.

Don Stroud is currently retired, but he did recently appear in a small role on the new Hawaii Five-O series, giving us hope that he'll someday return to acting.

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