Monday, April 30, 2012

Maureen Teffy

Once upon a time Hollywood produced movies with unknown actors in leading roles. It was so nice back in the late 1960's, '70's and early '80's to go to the theater and watch actors instead of stars. It made the movies more honest, more real and more often then not...better. The freshness of the actors was one of the reasons the 1980 version of the film, Fame worked so well. And also why Maureen Teffy stood out in it.

Fame opened the door for her, but her next two major films, Grease 2 and Supergirl were box office and critical flops which sent Maureen Teffy into actors obscurity.

This is a real shame, for had the right projects come around I really believe that she could have had the career that Meg Ryan had. She had vulnerability, sweetness and a special charm to carry a romantic comedy. The only thing missing was the right material.

The history of motion pictures and the actors who become famous seem to rely upon a string of box office successes opposed to the talent that people can bring to a project. Maureen Teffy is one of the many that slipped through the greedy fingers of the Hollywood string pullers, as well as one of the actors the phrase, "what if" applies to.

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