Friday, May 11, 2012

William Atherton

The name might not sound familiar, but modern day audiences will recognize William Atherton's face from Ghostbusters and Die Hard, even though his best work was before and after those popular films.

William Atherton began his career as a leading man in such films as The Day of the Locust, Looking for Mr. Goodbar and Stephen Spielberg's first feature, The Sugarland Express, but for reasons unknown, leading roles dried up and he became more of a supporting player, appearing mostly on television.

His specialty seems to be white collar creepy guys as he has played a lot of them lately, with one of them recently on Law and Order SVU. Whatever the role, though, and whether he plays a good guy or bad one, it's a sure bet his performance will be top notch.

As actors go, William Atherton actually has a dream job. He's a working actor that gets his fair share of interesting characters without dealing with all of the hassles that come with the ultra-famous. Instead, he'll just have to settle with Not Very Famous, and continue to turn out quality work that is always a joy to watch.

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