Friday, March 1, 2013

Nick Mancuso

If I were the king of Hollywood, I would gather up every casting director, agent, studio head and anyone else that carries any sort of clout in that town and make them all watch the movie, Ticket to Heaven from 1981 starring Nick Mancuso.

Then I would scream at these so-called Hollywood know-it-all's for letting this phenomenal talent slip away without giving him another opportunity to top that performance. The sad part is that Nick Mancuso has not disappeared. In fact, he's been a working actor for almost forty years.

He's had many leading parts, like in Heartbreakers and Blame It on the Night and even the title role in the television series Stingray, but those characters never gave him the depth and range that Ticket to Heaven proved he could handle.

With age his roles have gotten smaller and his movies less mainstream. And all I can say is shame on you Hollywood. You let a great actor get away. But then again, you've been doing that for years.


  1. I really agree. I just saw 'Ticket to Heaven' and I found it amazing how believable his performance was. You see how he slowly transforms into someone else and at the end it is hard to recognise him. I don't think that the movies would have moved me in the same way with another actor,

  2. Nick Mancuso is so talented even today at age 65. He's gotten better with age like a fine wine. He is so interesting to listen to; if you go to Youtube and key in his interviews, he will mesmerize you. He is also still devilishly handsome even today. I wish Hollywierd would have been more astute and recognized an amazing actor like NM. But, they don't call it Hollywierd for nothing.

  3. He's supposed to be fantastic in the new Stephen Wallis film "The Performance".