Monday, July 9, 2012

Ed Lauter

A good character actor gets a lot of work. They're usually not the best looking person in the movie, but are often remembered long after the final credits. Audiences tend to notice their work from film to film, but can never quite place the name. Ed Lauter was one of those actors.

It seems like he was around forever, often playing tough, slightly crooked individuals on either side of the law. And no matter the size of the role (which was often small) his performances were hard to ignore.

From Magic  to Family Plot  and from the original 1974 film, The Longest Yard  to the 2005 remake of the same name, Ed Lauter added spice to scenes and complemented the overall acting ensemble of just about every project he was a part of.

Even though his performances were always strong and memorable, an Oscar nomination never made his resume. However, like a good soldier, audiences could always count on Ed Lauter going above and beyond his duty to deliver a performance that held its own among the best.


  1. this is a fantastic blog, although I do want to point out an opinion: with particular character-actors, the fact they don't look like Robert Redford alone kept them from A-list status. this is something unfortunate but true. while character-actors like Gene Hackman have crossed over, it's quite rare. and in the case of guys like Ed Lauter, I think they did have pretty decent career, and made a cozy living, appearing in so many projects both in film and television.

    1. Thanks James, and I agree with you. Although, this blog is called, Not Very Famous, it's really more about recognizing good talent that isn't often a house-hold name. Thanks for reading. I hope to get more involved again with this blog in the next couple of months.

  2. Ed Lauter passed away Oct 16, 2013. He's missed by casting directors and moviegoers alike. We'll continue to appreciate his work, as his many performances will delight for years to come.