Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lynne Thigpen

From her first film in 1974, Godspell, Lynne Thigpen had a commanding presence that was hard to ignore. A lot of live theater work followed and she wouldn't appear in another film for six years when The Warriors  hit the movie houses. What makes her work so special in that film is the fact that we only see her mouth throughout the movie, and yet she is very much a part of that ensemble of promising young performers.

Although never a leading actor, her roles often seemed bigger than they actually were. This was due to her amazing talent and dedication to her craft. It was hard not to notice.

Trained for live theater, Lynne Thigpen bounced between the stage, television and films her entire career, working steadily in all three mediums. And although she appeared in many movies and television shows, her name was never fully recognized by the mainstream public.

Lynne Thigpen passed away suddenly on March 12, 2003 of a cerebral hemorrhage, leaving many of those impressed with her talents wondering what might have come next. Sadly, it's a question that will never be answered.

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