Monday, October 1, 2012

Barnard Hughes

Barnard Hughes was one of those "seen-the-face, don't-know-the-name" kind of performers. He was a working actor that jumped between television, movies and the Broadway stage throughout his fifty years in show business. And although theatre audiences knew him best, it's his work in movies and television that will live on.

He was a leading actor on the stage, and even though he starred in some movies like A Hobo's Christmas and Da, he just wasn't the leading man type. Not that Barnard Hughes didn't have the talent, he was just a more natural fit in supporting parts that ranged from the recurring role of Father John Majeski  in All in the Family  to Dr. Walter Gibbs  in the movie Tron.

Whether his roles were large or small, it was his charm that he brought to his characters that made them memorable. This couldn't be more evident than in Midnight Cowboy, where he played the tragic victim of a confused male prostitute played by Jon Voight. Or in the television show, Lou Grant, where his performance as a senile judge earned him an Emmy.

Like so many of the wonderful character actors, Barnard Hughes is no longer around, but thanks to Netflix, Hulu, cable television and satellite, this amazing talent can still be discovered by both current and future generations. And what a discovery they will find.

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