Friday, October 26, 2012

David Morse

David Morse is well known within the industry, but his name never seems to be on the lips of the mainstream public. Why? Good question.

He's hard to miss as the crippled bartender in his very first movie, Inside Moves, as well as Doctor Jack Morrison in his first television show, St. Elsewhere. He starred in Sean Penn's powerful first two directorial features, The Indian Runner  and The Crossing Guard,  as well as memorable roles in The Green Mile, Dancer in the Dark and The Hurt Locker.

On the smaller screen, he's had two Emmy nominations. One for his recurring role on House, and the other for playing George Washington in the HBO miniseries, John Adams. Not to mention critically acclaimed performances off Broadway and on.

So why is David Morse not on the lips of movie and television lovers everywhere? That one is a head scratcher. I guess in the minds of the masses, a team player with a good, solid acting presence, takes a back seat to being an acting-on-the-surface movie star. Congratulations Mister Morse. You've made your profession proud.


  1. I adore David Morse. You're right, he should be much better known. But I suspect among Hollywood casting directors, he's a favorite.

    Wasn't he wonderful as the sinister, murderous detective in 16 BLOCKS? Yes.

    I also liked that short-lived television show he did a while back. He played an ex-detective, current cab driver who solved crimes.

    I wonder what he's up to now?

  2. Yvette - I believe that television show was called Hack. I'm not familiar with 16 Blocks. I'll have to check it out.

  3. He's on HBO's Treme (just starting to film its 4th and final season) He filmed a movie for Nick Cassavetes called Yellow. He just got done filming a movie in Philly called McCanick (which he also produced) costarring Cory Monteith.

    I think unless you are a 'superstar' like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise who are always in the public eye; most are actors who actually make a living from it aren't as recognizable. Most people (I know anyway) do know him by name; he's just been in too many great things at this point. He's one of my favotite actors with a tremendous talent and I hope he gets more work; he reminds me of a modern day Henry Fonda or Gary Cooper.

    PS I LOVED HACK! I wish it were on DVD.

  4. I love him. See the Negotiator if you want to see him in a great roll. I love that movie and him in it. I would love to see more of him. He is one of the reasons I love The Green Mile.