Monday, October 15, 2012

Stanley Kamel

Stanley Kamel is probably best known as Dr. Charles Kroger, the psychiatrist from Monk, and while that role probably gave him his most mainstream visibility, it was his talent as an actor that kept him employed.

With the exception of just a couple of films, Stanley Kamel spent most of his forty years in the business on television in supporting guest starring roles that ranged from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives  to Hill Street Blues  and Cagney and Lacey  to Beverly Hills 90210. And it was through his many guest starring roles in television that he showed the entertainment profession what being a working actor really meant.

I still remember his guest starring role in several episodes of LA Law as the gay man who killed his sick lover to relive his suffering, and that was some twenty years ago. And whether he played a good guy or bad, he was just as memorable in every role he played - large or small.

Unfortunately, this wonderful actor is no longer with us. He died suddenly of a heart attack on April 8, 2008. And while mainstream fame never found him, audiences that stumble upon his work never forget. Stanley Kamel is truly what being an actor is all about. He did his job. He did it well and he quietly moved on to the next project. The quality and volume of his work that he left behind says it all.

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