Monday, November 12, 2012

Michael Rapaport

Although he had already worked in other mainstream movies and television shows, Michael Rapaport first caught the public's eye as Christian Slater's friend, Dick Ritchie, in the popular film at the time, True Romance.

He has continued doing quality work in both mediums, but always seems to be recognized as that guy from True Romance. This is a shame, for his body of work is quite good and he at least deserves the name recognition that other lesser actors have gotten.

All of his work is impressive, but probably his best is as the racist television executive in Spike Lee's underrated gem, Bamboozled, where his characters enthusiasm for a television show done in black face is both applauding and uncomfortably funny.

Other memorable roles followed in the films, Higher Learning, Woody Allen's, Mighty Aphrodite and the television shows, Boston Public, Prison Break and Friends, where he played Phoebe's policeman boyfriend. However, these titles don't scratch the surface to the originality and charm that he brings to each project and why Michael Rapaport is my pick of the day for Not Very Famous...but should be.

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