Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jeffrey Wright

If I was forced to pick one actor that represents the title of this blog, then Jeffrey Wright would be strongly considered. With a background in theater it's highly unlikely that this talented man strives for more mainstream recognition. No, Jeffrey Wright appears to be just a team player who takes his job as an actor very seriously. And we as audience members are the better for it.

A perfect example of his work is in the remake of the blaxploitation classic, Shaft. No one had high expectations for that film and yet his performance as the villain, Peoples Hernandez, was picked by many critics that year to be nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actor. That didn't happen, but if you've seen the film you'll understand why many critics felt that way.

This wasn't just one movie, though. Jeffrey Wright knocks it out of the park with almost every performance. Check out his work in Angels in America, Celebrity, Ride with the Devil, Broken Flowers, Boycott and as the title role in Basquiat and you'll see for yourself what a truly amazing actor he is.

Yes, as film actors go, Jeffrey Wright is Not Very Famous, but that's all right. Fame tends to make actors abandon their craft and as long as this hidden gem can continue to slip through the cracks, we will be privy to some wonderful performances.

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