Monday, February 18, 2013

John Diehl

If fame were earned by the talent of the artist, then John Diehl would be a Hollywood superstar. But in this world of reality television and pretty faces, he's spent thirty plus years in the business supporting the star instead of being one.

This has made him a working actor who is able to bring spice and variety to each individual role, opposed to the movie stars who become famous for playing the same types over and over again. In fact, as actors go, John Diehl has had quite the career.

His early work is typical of a good up and coming actor with small but memorable roles in films like Stripes and Escape From New York. And like most supporting actors, these films led to more work, most notably, the laid back detective, Larry Zito, in the first three seasons of Miami Vice.

And although his roles haven't gotten much bigger, John Diehl's resume has grown with small but crucial contributions in The Client, Pearl Harbor, Lost Souls, Mo' Money and Stargate, just to name a few.

However, to see the real scope and depth of his work is to watch the first season of The Shield, where he played so memorably the crooked Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Gilroy. This role along with the rest of his colorful characters that he has brought to the screen over the years, make John Diehl a perfect fit for being Not Very Famous...but should be. Check out his work and I dare you to disagree. 

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