Monday, February 11, 2013

Raymond J. Barry

Raymond J. Barry has been around for a long time and even though the mainstream public probably doesn't know his name, his unforgettable work is out there for all to enjoy. Often cast as the father to the leading character, his impressive body of work showcases his ability to portray compassionate, scary and often unpredictable characters that we love, hate, cry for and root against.

Having bounced around from movie to movie for years, he finally got the big break he needed when he was cast as Tom Cruise's father in the Oscar nominated film, Born on the Fourth of July. From there Hollywood took notice and his work in such films as The Ref, Cool Runnings and Dead Man Walking, just to name a few, showcased his ability to not only be remembered, but to be a major part of the ensemble of any film or television show.

His most recent work is on television as Arlo Givens, the bi-polar drug dealer and father to the main character in the underrated drama, Justified. And if you think that Raymond J. Barry can't do comedy, then you should check out his work as the father in Walk Hard - the Dewey Cox Story.

Perhaps, though, his greatest accomplishment is that of Walter Ohlinger, in the little seen, Interview with Assassin, where he convincingly plays a man who claims to be the second shooter of President John F. Kennedy. Whatever the role, though, Raymond J. Barry proves time and time again why he is Not Very Famous...but should be. Check out his work. You'll be impressed.

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