Sunday, March 23, 2014

Alex Cord

What made television so memorable in the early days, besides the writing, were the guest actors that appeared each week on shows like Ben Casey, Naked City, Route 66 and Gunsmoke. One of those guest stars that made a huge contribution to the success of television was Alex Cord.

He's probably best known today for his work as Archangel on Airwolf, but add that to his whole body of work and you have an actor that should have been more well known than he actually is.

When he was cast as The Ringo Kid, in the highly anticipated 1966 remake of the John Ford Classic, Stagecoach, it looked like his career was about to take off. Unfortunately for Alex Cord, the critics and fans of the original western were not kind to the movie and were not happy to see anyone else except John Wayne play the role that made him famous.

After Stagecoach, a film career never developed and this gifted actor returned to television where he had an excellent run as a guest star in everything from The Love Boat to Walker, Texas Ranger. Had his first major film role not been a remake of a cherished classic, Alex Cord's career in Hollywood may have taken a different turn. He certainly had the looks and talent to be a major star, but like so many other gifted actors, he is now a lifetime member of the Not Very Famous...but should be.

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