Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rachel Bloom

In a perfect world, I will have to delete this post within the next two years because Rachel Bloom will have become mainstream famous. If you know who she is, then you understand what I'm talking about. Of all the incredibly talented people I have written about on this blog over the years, she is the closest to actually graduating from unknown or semi known talent to major star.

And she could be on her way fairly soon having received her very first Golden Globe nomination and win for her unconventional television show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the offbeat musical comedy that happens to be both smart and silly, not to mention emotionally realistic.

Watching Rachel Bloom is like getting sucker punched with a tidal wave of fresh air. She's part Weird Al, part modern day Lucy with the rest being made up of true old fashion originality.

Having been discovered on youtube performing her own original music videos she very quickly proved that some internet sensations actually have real talent. With this being a family friendly blog I won't mention the names of some of her early hits, but look her up on youtube and check out the one about a particular body part of an ex boyfriend or her fantasy date with science fiction writer Ray Bradbury and you will get my drift.

Rachel Bloom and her show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is definitely worth the watch, but not just for the talents of it's star, but for the wonderful musical numbers performed by the very talented ensemble cast as well. Many of which may just find their way into this blog someday themselves.


  1. I just checked out Sister and Brother. Good and funny stuff! I subscribed to the channel.

    1. Thanks Buddy. The goal was to produce a laugh or two. I'm glad you enjoyed them.