Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vicki Frederick

Vicki Frederick's claim to fame is that she is memorable in a lot of forgettable movies. This is unfortunate because this one time Broadway performer is not only attractive, but can sing, dance and act as well.

Her first non-stage work was on television with guest starring roles in Happy Days, Mork and Mindy and Laverne and Shirley. In the early to mid-eighties she was on the path to better roles when she did three back-to-back movies that showcased all of her assets.

Unfortunately, those three projects, the women's wrestling film, All the Marbles, the break dance movie, Body Rock and the film version of A Chorus Line, were either box office or critical flops, which left the talents of Vicki Frederick nowhere to go but to lower budget movies like Chopper Chicks in Zombietown with a then unknown actor named Billy Bob Thornton. But there was no Sling Blade to bring her talents to the attention of the masses and she soon disappeared from the business.

Check out her wonderful dancing and singing as Sheila in A Chorus Line and then watch her perform her own stunts in All the Marbles and you will see for yourself why Vicki Frederick is Not Very Famous...but should be. Oh, and Ms. Frederick, if you happen to stumble on to this, let us know where you've been. We miss you.


  1. This is really an amazing blog. I'm an actor. I've met, on set, many actors who have left their mark and then disappeared...in the minds of casting directors.

    Thank you, Mike, for this blog. It's much needed.

    Dane B. McFadhen

    1. Thank you, Dane. Yes, many of the best actors past and present are the ones that the mainstream public knows nothing about. There is a lot of talent profiled here on this blob. I'm glad you discovered it.

  2. I've wondered for many years where Vicki has been. I used to work for her uncle in Atlanta, met her when she toured with Dick Van Dyke in Damn Yankees, and found her to be a wonderful person. Her uncle and aunt have both passed now. Wherever she is, I hope she's doing well and is happy!

  3. I'm her first cousin and I'm trying to find her also. My Uncle was the only one who had her number and he passed away. My mom is the aunt you were speaking of.

  4. (not sure my original comment went through)... Vicki and i used to work together :) she is alive and well and very happy!

  5. I had the pleasure of working at a summer tent theater in 1969 when Vicki was part of the cast of "Mame" with the incredible Elaine Stritch. The show rehearsed for a week there, played a week, left for a few, came back, then again. IN all, we did 3 weeks plus a rehearsal week. Vicki made quite an impression on this 15-year-old boy who grew up at that theater. She was an extremely nice person and one of the best dancers I had seen there -- such a spark! I never forgot, and was thrilled to see her in Pippin on Broadway, the Chorus Line movie (one of the few things good about that movie), and various other TV spots. Shoulda been a star!

  6. I was looking her up as well. Wish she would come back. Thanks for the blog.

  7. I was just a kid when i noticed her. Always liked her in the things i saw her in like dream on (i'd love to have had her as my boss in that show lol)
    She was gorgeous and talented.
    Wherever you are vicki, i had a huge crush on you and wish you well!

  8. Vicki is awesome in '...All The Marbles' Who would do those wrestling stunts now? No one! Talented & gorgeous, I feel cheated to not see her in more films!

  9. Very good to know that Vicki is remembered and admired here. I hope she is happy and healthy.

    A few years ago I found this insightful interview with her co-star in "All the Marbles", Laurene Landon, about the making of that movie. Let's just say it casts the infamous mud-wrestling scene in a particularly tacky light...