Saturday, April 2, 2016

Peter Breck

Baby boomers remember Peter Breck as the hot-headed Nick Barkley from the 1960's television western, The Big Valley, where his character was featured in some of the best episodes of that three year series.

Fans of that show still remember him today, but the rest of the world may not as the majority of his career was spent either as a guest star on other television shows, or a major player in minor films. This is a real shame, for Peter Breck had the talent and the looks to be a major star.

If one should happen to catch his other television credits, it will most likely be followed by a browse through IMDB only to discover the true meaning of the words "working actor". From Have Gun Will Travel to Perry Mason and Mission Impossible to The Fall Guy, Peter Breck time after time delivered quality work, but it wasn't always just in television.

His film work was not as prolific as his television resume, but the quality of his movie performances are as good if not better. Check out Sam Fuller's low budget independent film, Shock Corridor and see for yourself why Peter Breck is Not Very Famous...but should be.


  1. I think the one problem that held Peter back was his intensity and he was prone to overact. He was a very good actor but you always had the feeling he was going to blow up any moment.

    1. I agree Tom, but then again, those were the same qualities that James Dean had.

  2. Don't forget his performance in the film adaptation of Lad, a Dog.

    Jim Gallagher