Saturday, August 6, 2016

Joseph Schildkraut

Joseph Schildkraut was not only a major player in the silent era, but also one of the top actors during the early years of television. This true pioneer never got the recognition that he deserved considering he was a major part of many successful movies and classic television.

Even though he won an Oscar for his supporting role in The Life of Emile Zola and an Emmy for a guest starring role in the forgotten court room drama, Sam Benedict, Joseph Schildkraut is probably most remembered today as Anne Frank's father in The Diary of Anne Frank as well as two of the classic Twilight Zone episodes, the haunting, Deaths-Head Revisited and the heart breaking, The Trade-Ins.

His career was far more prolific, however, then just the titles already listed. Starting with the silent era, his performance as Judas in the biblical epic, The King of Kings and his turn as a romantic lead in Orphans of the Storm showed his versatility as well as did some of the sound pictures he made which include Marie Antoinette and The Man in the Iron Mask.

And just as he contributed to the early years of motion pictures, he continued into the new medium of television adding his talents to many of the wonderful anthology shows of that period like Schiltz Playhouse, Lux Video Theatre and The Philip Morris Playhouse.

Joseph Schildkraut was a very good actor. In fact, one of the very best among the talented actors on this site, making him not only my pick for today for being Not Very Famous...but should be, but for yesterday and tomorrow as well.

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