Friday, December 23, 2011

Brad Dourif

In 1975 when Brad Dourif was nominated for best supporting actor for his work in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, it appeared that his career was off and running. However, what followed were a couple of made for television movies and some low profile films which appeared to have knocked the upcoming actor off the radar.

What the public has failed to realize, though, is that Brad Dourif has been doing Oscar caliber work his entire career. Many of these wonderful performances are in films most people have never heard of. Check out the movie Wise Blood to start with, then go through his list of credits and seek out his work. You'll be in for a quite a surprise.

He still pops up now and then in the occasional Hollywood A-list film, but is more likely to be seen in the recent low-budget horror movie or as a guest star on some television program. Whatever screen he's on, you can count that his performance will take that movie or TV show to a higher level.

His on-screen intensity and dedication to the role he's playing, no matter what the budget of the film, makes him in my eyes a true actor and today's pick for Not Very Famous...but should be.


  1. Brad Douriff was fantastic as Wormtonge in 'Lord of the Rings' sequel The Two Towers. He gave such an evil and mesmerizing performance that I was very disappointed not to see him again in 'The Return of the King'

  2. he was always great,just great in The Exorcist III-his charachter part shared w the late Jason Miller