Monday, December 26, 2011

Candice Rialson

Candice Rialson is probably best known as the girl with the singing vagina in the 1977 drive-in sex comedy, Chatterbox. Before that came staring roles in equally trashy but fun movies like Candy Stripe Nurses, Summer School Teachers, Pets. and her greatest film, Hollywood Boulevard.

And it's because of those films would be my guess as to why the Hollywood mainstream never really embraced her. That's a real shame because she had talent and screen presence to be loved by more than just seventeen-year-old boys.

She did manage to land some smaller roles in a couple of bigger films like Clint Eastwood's The Eiger Sanction, but never seemed to be able to shake her b-movie roots.

Sadly, Candice Rialson passed away of liver disease in 2006 at the young age of 54, robbing the world forever of a potential comeback.

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  1. i knew Candy,,,,My name is Candice you could say growing up we went to all the same clubs in OC even dated some of the same men....I too am blond but, I remember thinking "that is the sort of blond I wanted to look like" I am sorry to hear she has passed.....I never forgot how pretty she was. I would see her at Pips all the time in Beverly Hills,,,,and growing up she would be at Harmony Park she was everywhere....I was more the Bo Derek type and oh, I wanted to be the Candice Rialson type....We even spelled our names the same...Small world...Rest in peace I had always hoped she grew up an lived happy ever after....