Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keith David

Keith David is one of my favorite working actors. Not to be confused with David Keith who is another one of my favorites and also part of the Not Very Famous...but should be crowd.

What I love about all of Keith David's work is the intense teamwork that shows in everything he does. No matter how large or small his role is, you can count on a performance that will elevate the level of whatever ensemble he's a part of.

His work in Platoon, The Thing and Requiem for a Dream are all great examples of how an actor can push the level of performance from the other actors he shares the screen with. He does this by his shear intensity given to any role he plays. He doesn't upstage, he embodies the character forcing any actor he plays opposite to up their game.

I'm always thrilled when I see Keith David's name in the credits of a movie or television show, for I know when his name appears, whatever I'm watching will be well worth the effort.

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