Monday, March 19, 2012

Michael Jeter

Michael Jeter won an Emmy Award for his work as Herman Styles in Evening Shade, a Tony Award for the Broadway production of Grand Hotel and his film work should have gotten him some Oscar nominations. And yet his name is often forgotten when talking about great actors.

This is a real shame as his film work, both comic and dramatic, is as good as they get.

 Michael Jeter's work in The Green Mile is beautifully heartbreaking and why Oscar voters didn't acknowledge his performance in that film makes me question the whole nomination system. And he wasn't a one movie actor either. His work is memorable in everything he did no matter how small the role was.

From The Fisher King  to Air Bud, and a score of other wonderful roles, Michael Jeter became his characters. His performances made people laugh. They made people cry. And they always made people notice. He is no longer with us, and his talents have yet to be replaced, creating a hole in the world of entertainment which has yet to be filled.

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