Monday, April 23, 2012

David Keith

David Keith, not to be confused with Keith David, who has also been profiled on this blog, has had leading roles in many Hollywood mainstream films, but that was a while ago, and although he's quite good in everything he's done, I doubt if the majority of the movie-going public recognizes his name.

He first caught my eye as a local thug in the little seen Robert Duvall gem, The Great Santini. I noticed him next in the lead role in Take This Job and Shove It, and was thrilled that he not only had a leading role, but was very good in it as well. 

However, it was David Keith's next film, An Officer and a Gentleman, playing Richard Gere's best friend, that propelled him into the spotlight. Other staring roles in mainstream films followed like The Lords of Discipline and Firestarter, but like so many actors before him, he quietly drifted off of the radar.

He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he teaches acting. David Keith still shows up from time to time in supporting movie and television roles, and I wouldn't be surprised if some day he lands a role that puts him right back on top.

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