Wednesday, April 25, 2012

John P. Ryan

Although he could get a little melodramatic at times, John P. Ryan was a fun actor to watch. And once you noticed him in one movie, you couldn't help but discover him in others.

Mainly a supporting player, his villains were vicious and his good guys were tortured, but any role he played, he played to the fullest. And whether you liked him or not, it's a sure thing that when he was on the screen, it was hard to look away.

Fans of cult horror films will remember him as the father of the killer mutant baby in Larry Cohen's, It's Alive, and although that was a leading role, his biggest exposure was in a supporting part as Warden Ranken in the 1985 Jon Voight thriller, Runaway Train, where his over-the-top portrayal was an overload of excess vile.

John P. Ryan has since passed away, which now leaves motion pictures not quite as interesting as they used to be.

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