Monday, April 9, 2012

Steve Railsback

Steve Railsback first caught the eye of the general public in 1976 when he played Charles Manson in the powerful television movie Helter Skelter.  Anyone who has seen that film knows how mesmerizing he is in that role. And anyone familiar with his career knows that he is mesmerizing in everything he does.

His honest and intense portrayals are rarely matched by other actors and watching his work is like watching a man who truly loves and understands his craft. And yet, it appears that Hollywood doesn't quite know what to do with him as most of his work goes unseen by the mainstream movie going public.

His performance in the little seen, The Stunt Man, is Oscar caliber and even though his co-star, Peter O'Toole was recognized with a nomination, it appeared to not help Steve Railsback get on the radar.

He still works and shows up occasionally on television or in low budget horror films, but is almost always better than the material he's given. It's never too late, though, and as long as Steve Railsback is around, there's still a chance of him landing that role that puts him on the map. His talents are certainly worthy of it.


  1. Railsback is unforgettable as Charles Manson.

    Here is an interesting interview with him and his fight against typecasting:

    Interview with Steve Railsback

    1. Great interview. Thank you Literary Lioness for your contributions to this blob. They are greatly appreciated.

  2. Any other Manson portrayal can't compare with Steve's--no matter who else tries I still just keep thinking that he did it absolutely perfect.