Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Timothy Carey

Timothy Carey was a true American original. His intense, often over-the-top portrayals were both disturbing and fun to watch at the same time. And the only thing predictable about his characters were the fact that they were unpredictable. Always.

From Elia Kazan to Stanley Kubrick, Timothy Carey appeared in films by some of the most famous directors of the twentieth century. And no matter how large or small the role, he always managed to get noticed.

He achieved cult status for his part as the rock 'n roll Evangelist, Clarence Hilliard, in the 1962 independent film, The Worlds Greatest Sinner, which he also wrote and directed. Other unforgettable performances were in Bayou, Paths of Glory, Fast-Walking and as Nikki Arcane, the horse assassin with the cold heart, in The Killing.

Unlike some of the younger talent of today, Timothy Carey was natural and unforced with his strange and quirky characters. His performances make some of his older films seem more modern and  his newer ones  more hip. He has yet to be replaced and I doubt ever will.


  1. Hi Mike! Thanks very much for posting about Timothy! I write a blog on him that you might want to check out. Thanks also for your blog and calling attention to some great actors who shouldn't be forgotten!


    1. Hi Marisa - Love your blog on Timothy Carey. Thanks for sharing.