Friday, August 31, 2012

Adrienne Shelly

The death of Adrienne Shelly came right when the career of this talented actress appeared to be off and running. Fans of her early work with director Hal Hartley had already discovered her talent in his films, The Unbelievable Truth and Trust, and had watched her do equally compelling work with other directors.

But it was her final film, Waitress, which she wrote, directed and co-starred in, that would bring her the most praise. Unfortunately, she never had the opportunity to see what would have come next, as she was murdered in her home by a worker she had discovered stealing.

Unfortunately, when these tragedies occur, the focus becomes on the death instead of the life lived, and the work that made up their lives is overshadowed by the tragic loss.

So if you'd like to see what this wonderful actress did with her career, check out the previously mentioned films, as well as anything else that carries her name. You will discover that Adrienne Shelly may not have had fame, but she had something more important. Success.

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