Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Peter Mark Richman

Peter Mark Richman is mainly known as a television actor and has been seen in that medium ever since it began in the early 1950's. He is now well into his seventh decade in the entertainment business and even though he doesn't show up much in mainstream work anymore, he is still delivering quality performances in lower budget productions.

This is not more evident than in the independently made short film The Desperate, where he plays a Jewish doctor in a concentration camp that is forced to try to save the dying son of a Nazi general. I had always been a fan of Peter Mark Richman's television work, but when I saw this film at the Bare Bones Film Festival, I realized that this talented actor should have been more well known.

With over five hundred television credits, he worked on most of the popular shows of the time with Bonanza, The Twilight Zone, The Fugitive, Dynasty, Three's Company, Star Trek the Next Generation and the original Hawaii Five 0 being just a few.

And even though the name, Peter Mark Richman may not be on the lips of many, his face is widely recognized by anyone familiar with classic television. He is one of those actors that always finds work, but has never had the signature role to make people realize how very talented he really is, thus making him my pick of the day for Not Very Famous...but should be.

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  1. Peter Mark Richman made classic television a joy to watch. I always took notice when I saw he was the guest star.