Monday, September 17, 2012

Tom Savini

Known primarily as a make-up artist, Tom Savini has also had a fairly active career in front of the camera as well. However, unless you consider From Dusk to Dawn a mainstream movie, most of his work as an actor has been in the lower budget range.

Many fans of horror films are familiar with his talents, but the average movie goer is not, which is a loss for them as Tom Savini has the presence of a star and the talent to back it up. Often cast as the heavy, he manages to steal the focus of most scenes just by being in them.

His best work is that of Morgan, the villain in the little seen George Romero classic, Knightriders, which tells the tale of a group of modern day bikers who live by the code of King Arthur. Other notable performances can be seen in Grindhouse, Machete and The Ripper, in which he plays Jack the Ripper.

Mainstream fame looks bleak for Tom Savini, but true lovers of movies know that the best work often has to be sought out. And while he'll never make a list of popular A list actors, he could up-stage them if given the opportunity.

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