Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins is doing now what he has done his entire career. He is providing solid, memorable characters to movies and television shows, while quietly earning respect from his peers and completely avoiding fame and its disruptive aftermath.

Known mainly as the late father, Nathaniel Fisher  in Six Feet Under, he briefly caught the eye of the mainstream when he was nominated for an Oscar for The Visitor, which was ironically a non-mainstream movie.

He's a true actor for he fits so smoothly into whatever character he's portraying that audiences tend to take him for granted and forget that he's playing a role. From Me, Myself and Irene to Burn After Reading, and from Dear John to Cabin in the Woods, Richard Jenkins has proved movie after movie the importance of the supporting actor and what that role can mean to an ensemble.

Check out his leading role in The Visitor, then go back and watch any of his smaller roles in other films and you will see why Richard Jenkins is Not Very Famous...but should be.

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