Monday, October 22, 2012

Brenda Vaccaro

Brenda Vaccaro is one of those Broadway actresses from the 1960's that went on to guest appearances in television, then landed a memorable supporting role in an Oscar winning film, which lead to more obscurity in television and movies that most people have never heard of.

This is the life of a working actor and Brenda Vaccaro is one of the many that has paid her dues and rewarded her audiences with consistently solid work that the masses have not seen. That Oscar winning film was Midnight Cowboy and that was followed by an equally good performance in the less popular, I Love My Wife, and then like so many gifted artists before and after her, she never quite made it to the star level.

Instead, she made average television shows like Banacek and forgettable movies like Capricorn One a little better than they should have been. With her husky voice and earthy portrayals, Brenda Vaccaro stands out in everything she does. Why she never became a bigger star is something I'll never understand.

In 1975 she was nominated for an Oscar for her work in Once Is Not Enough, but the fact that the movie itself wasn't very good did not help in getting her on the Hollywood A-list. Brenda Vaccaro is still working and if you should happen to see her name in the credits, you should stick around to watch her performance. Chances are you'll be impressed.


  1. Of all things, I remember a sensual kiss she delivers to Jack Lemmon in the forgettable Airport 77 film.

  2. A really good actress her career seemed to slow down after she was involved with Michael Douglas. She's a pleasure to watch work.