Friday, October 19, 2012

Michael Wright

Michael Wright is quite possibly the most underrated actor working today. His gritty, streetwise characters are so convincing it's hard to believe that he's actually just an actor playing a role. And I'm not just talking about a couple of movies. He's been working in front of the camera since 1979.

The main reason that's he's not more well known is most likely because he's never really been in a box office or television ratings hit. He's come close. Especially with his portrayal of Eddie King, Jr. in The Five Heartbeats. Had that film been a box office success, it's likely that more mainstream work would have followed.

He's also been seen on the small screen as well with regular roles in the mini-series, V and the HBO prison drama, Oz. The bottom line is that Michael Wright is an actor, not a movie star. He's often billed fifth or sixth, but don't let that fool you. His work is every bit as memorable as the person whose name is in front of the title.

So if you happen to be looking for some energetic, serious acting by a hard working professional, check out the work of Michael Wright. Just make sure that The Five Heartbeats and Robert Altman's little seen, Streamers, are at the top of your viewing list.


  1. busted for DWI in Nov 2012, NYC

  2. Mr. Wright is very memorable for his portrayal of "Clinton Stitch" (leader of the "Del Bombers" street gang) in "The Wanderers" from 1979.