Friday, October 5, 2012

Ever Carradine

Although she's not as well known as her famous father, grandfather or uncles, Ever Carradine is just as talented. And the fact that she is recognized by her various roles on television and not by her name, qualifies her to be featured today on this blog.

She could pass as a sister to Uma Thurman not only with her quirky look, but by her talents as well. And while her famous doppelganger many have had more opportunities, Ever Carradine is equally memorable in the supporting roles she has brought to the small screen.

The problem is not her talent. What's kept her from being more well known is the fact that her best work was in the shows, Once and Again and Commander in Chief, which not many people saw. Her recurring roles in Veronica's Closet  and Party of Five had a fan base, but gave her characters a lot less depth then she was given in her larger roles.

Whatever the size of the role or the quality of the piece, this talented actress delivers time and time again. And all it takes is for one major hit for audiences to discover this truly hidden gem. And when they do, they will understand why Ever Carradine is Not Very Famous...but should be.

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