Friday, November 2, 2012

Stephen Furst

As Flounder, Stephen Furst was the heart and soul of the hit comedy, Animal House, but  he never seemed to get the recognition from that film that he so richly deserved. Instead, he has managed to stay under the radar and continued to work in the business both in front and behind the camera for over three decades.

After Animal House, he went on to another popular ensemble, televisions St. Elsewhere, where as Dr. Elliot Axelrod,  he was once again overlooked among the cast that also included a then unknown Denzel Washington.

Stephen Furst is a very good actor that has proven himself in comedic roles like in the aforementioned Animal House, and the mental patients-on-the-loose comedy, The Dream Team. He can do more than comedy, though, as is evident in the haunting role of Junior Keller in the horror film, The Unseen, and another television role, that of Vir Cotto in the cult television show, Babylon 5.

All of these are vastly different characters and one of the reasons audiences don't recognize Stephen Furst from role to role. That's the sign of a good actor and also the curse of being Not Very Famous. This is good, for had he been more famous, Hollywood would have most likely cast him in the same role time after time, and this underrated talent would not have the resume that he has today. Check out his work and you will find some hidden gems.

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  1. RIP Mr Furst. You were wonderfully talented.