Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jessica Walter

Younger audiences will recognize Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth from the short-lived, but very popular television comedy Arrested Development. Few realize, though, how close she came to super stardom back in 1971 co-staring with Clint Eastwood in his directorial debut, Play Misty For Me.

Her performance as the obsessively dangerous fan not only set the stage for Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, but also gave Jessica Walter a much deserved Golden Globe nomination.

Her career to that point had been guest starring roles in television with an outstanding performance as Lorna Richmond in the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode, The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow. After Play Misty For Me, one would have thought that the motion picture industry would be calling, but instead she landed back on television guest starring in everything from Mannix to Joanie Loves Chachi. Today she's still doing wonderful work in television as the voice of Mallory Archer in the hit animated show Archer.

As to why she wasn't offered more quality roles in movies after Play Misty For Me, one can only speculate. Could it be because her frightening performance was so ahead its time that narrow minded Hollywood didn't have the imagination or courage to consider her for other films? We will never know. The only thing for sure is that Jessica Walter is Not Very Famous...but should be


  1. I agree that she should have been given more parts. I wonder sometimes if actors like her are unofficially blacklisted due to their political beliefs or for being too "difficult" to work with.

    Thanks for the new post; I subscribed a couple of yrs. back and was wondering what had happened. I enjoy the blog, please keep it going!

    1. Thanks Mike. I hit a rough patch and life hasn't been so simple the last year or so. I don't plan on this blog going away, so please be patient. I hope to contribute more regularly soon.

    2. Y/W. I hope everything is much better for you now. I guess I was just being selfish, thinking of my own entertainment and not that there might have been something amiss w/ the blog owner's circumstances. I'd think a specific niche blog like this would be very popular amongst die hard movie fans such as myself. Then again, I don't recall ever leaving a comment - so I guess I'm as much to blame as anyone else - but I do remember spending the better part of a day perusing all the blog entries.

      I just viewed your profile, didn't think to check it before and left a comment under the The Naked Prey post.

      I've been thinking of doing more w/ movie /TV show reviews on my own blog and I'll do a post on this one when I get started. Why heck, that will expose it to prob. a dozen or so more people! - wink-