Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scott Wilson

Audiences may know Scott Wilson as Hershel, the elderly farmer / doctor in The Walking Dead, but this actor has been developing his craft long before some of those cast members were even born.

He had a small, but memorable role in his first film, In the Heat of the Night, but it was his second movie, In Cold Blood, that really made people notice his talents. As the heartless killer, Dick Hickok, Wilson's performance is as scary as any film villain in the history of motion pictures.

Fame never came to Scott Wilson, but acting work did. He's been seen on television and movies since 1967 and he stands out in everything he does. Half the time you don't even realize that you're watching the same actor.

Scott Wilson is truly one of the best actors the world has NEVER heard of. Check out his credits on IMDB and then watch some of his films. You'll be amazed at what you see.


  1. He's an outstanding actor. His finest work, in my opinion, was as Slim Grissom in The Grissom Gang. He and Kim Darby were the two central characters. One review called their character acting a PSYCHOLOGICAL MASTERPIECE. I agree. This film should have gotten much more exposure and play, but the director, Robert Aldrich, had his own studio and was no longer a part of the monopoly media studios. I read that Mr. Aldrich had been unofficially black-balled in Hollywood.

  2. Pat, I have not seen The Grissom Gang, but other people have also told me about it. I'll have to look for it.