Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Roy Brocksmith

It was my wife who introduced me to this fine character actor many years ago. They both grew up in the same town of Quincy, Illinois and my wife used to love to watch Roy Brocksmith on the stage as he appeared in many local productions.

I remember going to the movies or watching television and whenever Roy Brocksmith's name or image came onto the screen, my wife would say his name and get all excited. And there was a good reason this. The guy was really talented.

Throughout his too short career he played a lot of judges, doctors and teachers - and even a few coroners. A lesser actor would have looked and sounded the same in each role, but Roy Brocksmith was not a lesser actor. He took full advantage of the short screen time he was often given and managed to still bring us full-fledged characters that in the hands of someone else would have come across as a one-note role.

Roy Brocksmith passed away in 2001, robbing the entertainment world of his fine talents. However, his movies and television shows he guest starred in can still be found. If you'd like to discover this wonderful actor, I suggest starting with Arachnophobia.

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