Friday, January 6, 2012

Robert Joy

Why Robert Joy isn't more well known is beyond me. During his early film career, he had memorable supporting roles in the critically acclaimed Canadian film, Ticket to Heaven, the Oscar nominated Atlantic City and Madonna's first major movie, Desperately Seeking Susan. And even then, Hollywood kept her distance.

Television audiences probably know him best as Dr. Sid Hammerback on CSY:NY, but that hardly scratches the surface to the depth, detail and diversity that Robert Joy brings to each role.

Like so many great actors before him, this wonderful actor has found work in several low budget horror films like George Romero's Land of the Dead and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, in which he steals the show.

I'm sure that fame is the last thing most of these working actors wants or needs. It's just a shame that talents like Robert Joy aren't more universally known. If they were, I'm sure their names would be popping up a lot more come Oscar time.


  1. I know this guy. Well, on screen at any rate. He's a wonderful actor.

    Thanks for putting the name to the face.

  2. was a shock to find out he was gay didn't know until i was checking the internet and say a pic of him and his boyfriend of 17 years ....dont see him in the same light now he is a good actor but dont look at him the same wish i had never looked ,

    1. Anonymous - Robert Joy is a very good actor. Period. And when it comes to an actor and his work - that's all that matters.