Monday, June 25, 2012

Ray McKinnon

Ray McKinnon was hard to forget as Linc Potter, the Assistant U.S. Attorney on Sons of Anarchy and may also be remembered as Reverend H.W. Smith on Deadwood, but those two shows don't begin to showcase his unique talent. As an actor, writer and producer, he's been involved in some wonderful projects that sadly have fallen under the Hollywood radar.

His most high profile role was probably as Coach Cotton in The Blind Side, and even though mainstream audiences may have enjoyed his performance, that role was nothing compared to the work he's done in smaller projects, especially with his own company, Ginny Mule Pictures, which he runs with another actor that is Not Very Famous, Walton Goggins.

In 2001, Ray McKinnon was recognized and awarded an Oscar for his short film, The Accountant, which he wrote, directed and starred in. Unfortunately with that being a short, it remains largely unseen by the average movie-goer, as well as some of his other must-see feature-length films like Randy and the Mob, Chrystal and That Evening Sun.

As an actor, the real talent of Ray McKinnon lies within his ability to stay true to his characters. Whether his role is large or small, his performance is always honest, making his good guys flawed and his bad ones human. Check out his work. He's the real deal.

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